Additional Hard Info

Qualitech is heading towards a new era of growth and development. We engage in the research, development and manufacturing of a wide range of rechargeable batteries.

Having established a success in the competitive industry, Qualitech strives for excellence in all aspects of the business. The key of our success is giving priority to QUALITY.

With our unwavering dedication and ceaseless product innovation, we can offer our customers the best price in the market. Our factory in China are backed by strong QC, QA and R & D team to ensure product quality.

To sustain our success and to maintain a healthy growth, we also have our Sales office in Hong Kong to provide customer service and efficient shipping delivery. In addition, we only recruit professional and talented management staff from Hong Kong and China, and top engineers from reputable universities in China. Most of all, quality awareness is ensured by intensive training. Our people, ranging from managers to workers, are trained on a regular basis. Practical skills and management principles are taught to our personnel by our senior training officers.

By strictly adhering to what we believe, "Quality is the name of the Game", we are sure we will be able to compete effectively in the ever-growing industry.

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