Additional Hard Info

A large and enthusiastic team of over 30 QC personnel is committed to ensure unparalleled standards from the development to production stages. Our highly trained engineers and technicians see to it that all the machinery for production are in sound condition and all the procedures are strictly followed. We also have our trade inspectors to further do the checking. Moreover, our production staffs are also trained to perform QC inspections.

High rate discharge tester for SLA batteries

Capacity tester for SLA batteries

Computerized tester for SLA batteries

Computerized tester for Ni-Cd & Ni-MH batteries

We place great emphasis on maintaining and improving the quality of our products. That is why all manufacturing processes are carried out in-house, so that everything can be monitored closely and delivery time can be better controlled. All incoming components are thoroughly checked and each production stage is scrutinized according to a very strict level. You can trust that our batteries are fully tested and inspected before shipment to ensure that highest quality.
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